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Lindley Visser
Fifth Grade
319-624-3401 x1519
Nathan Watson
HS Business/Social Studies
319-624-3401 x1115
Kris Wentzien
CO Admin Assistant & School Board Secretary
319-624-3401 x1349
Eric Wery
Becky West
Nutrition Program Director
319-624-3401 x1120
Mandalyn Westphal
319-624-3401 x1283
Wendy Wheeler
Second Grade
Lakeview Elementary
319-624-3401 x1233
Zach Wigle
SHS Principal
Solon High School
319-624-3401 x1103
Davie Wilkening
Lakeview Associate
Lakeview Elementary
319-624-3401 x1290
Blake Williams
SIS & SMS Physical Education
319-624-3401 x1422
Emy Williams
Third Grade
Lakeview Elementary
319-624-3401 x1220
Julia Woessner
Social Studies 7 & 8
Solon Middle School
319-624-3401 x1411
Jami Wolf
Board of Education
Heather Wyjack
Lakeview Elementary
319-624-3401 x1282
Rylee Wymer
Science 7 & 8
Solon Middle School
319-624-3401 x1408
Kevin Zimmerman
Maintenance Technician
319-624-3401 x1359