School News


Winter arrived in Iowa fashion!  I want to thank everyone for your understanding with the delayed decision to cancel classes today.  We do our best to make decisions related to weather delays or cancellations by 5:30AM, understanding the difficulty in making alternate arrangements for children. It was our hope this morning that a 2-hour delay would provide the necessary time for road conditions to improve.  Unfortunately when we retested the roads at 7:30AM, we determined there wasn’t enough improvement to put busses and student drivers on the road. 

Decision Making

Information gathering begins by 4:30AM or the night before, depending on the current conditions and forecast.  Information is collected:

  • District transportation director drives district roads beginning by 4:30AM.
  • Forecast that includes current and future conditions
  • National Weather Service – advisory and warnings
  • County roads department, city streets department
  • Additional information collected from area superintendents (CCA, Iowa City, West Branch, Tipton, Prairie, Lisbon, Mt. Vernon and Solon). Often a weather front will impact all the regional districts the same, but there are times when districts are impacted differently and decisions will reflect that.


We do our very best to make a decision and communicate delays or cancellations by 5:30AM.  We have a new Solon Community School District App that you can download from the App Store or Google Play (search - Solon CSD).  The app has a Notification feature that if you turn on, you will receive weather related communication immediately when it is pushed out.  We encourage you to download this app.  If you have questions about download, please contact our office 624-3401.

School Make up Days

Our district calendar is located on our website,  The calendar has a final student attendance day scheduled for Wednesday, May 27th.  All school days missed, resulting from cancellations, will be added to the end of the year.  Our final day of school for students is now Thursday, May 28th.  We will be revising our calendar to reflect this change.