School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC)

This process engages the community, students, staff and administration in an examination of expectations for student learning, an analysis of student achievement data and the development and implementation of action plans in the continuous review and revision the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.

SIAC Meeting Agendas

SIAC Members

The School Improvement Advisory Committee is a board appointed committee that shall include students, parents, teachers, administrators, and representatives from the local community which may include business, industry, labor, community agencies, higher education, or other community constituents. To the extent possible, committee membership shall have balanced representation of the following: race, gender, national origin, and disability. The School Improvement Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the board based on the committee analysis of the needs assessment data.

Amber Jedlicka Parent
Amy Kula Parent
Andrea Townsley GWAEA
Ann Artley Parent
Ashely Stinochar Student
Brooke Henning Parent
Carolyn Walker Parent
Cassie Rocholz Parent
Courtney Kidwell Parent
Dannisha Pugh Parent
David Gruber Parent
David Horsefield Parent
Davis Eidahl Administration
Denise Graffit Parent
Jennifer Stahle Parent
Jesse Liedman Parent
Jessica Tabor Administration
Joe Hickman Student
Josh Lyons Administration
Julie Durr Parent
Kelsey Swancutt Parent
Kurt Stahle Parent
LeAnn Gilroy Teacher
Leslie Flynn Higher Ed
Lindy Hopp Parent
Lisa Diersen Parent
Lyndsee Detra Parent
Rylee Smith Teacher
Sara Pflughaupt Teacher
Scott Hamm Parent
Shannon ONeil Parent
Stacey Munson Parent