Educational Enrichment Plan Purpose & Information

The Solon Community School District is committed to continuing access to quality resources and activities related to students' current grade-level content and courses. The purpose of the Home Educational Enrichment Plan is to provide learning opportunities to our students' at all levels using the expertise and recommendations made by Solon Teachers.

These enrichment resources and activities are NOT required and are only recommended as optional for students and families to use as both a review and preview of learning goals for grade-level and course content. *An evaluation of learning using test scores and grades WILL NOT be assigned to any of these learning opportunities.

Grade-level and content area teams are working collaboratively to identify quality resources and activities. These activities will be organized by grade span, building level, grade-level, and in some instances by classroom level.

Teachers will be communicating consistently each week, providing updates and information regarding resources and activities. At a minimum families will receive an email from teachers highlighting information and generally checking in with families.