Apptegy is the primary public announcement system that delivers personalized phone, text message, and/or e-mail messages to parents, staff, or other groups via home, office, and/or cell phones. Parents/Guardians do not have to do anything to receive communications through this new system as it is pulled through information from our parent-student information system, PowerSchool. Our secondary method to report school closings and delays is local television (KCRG, KGAN, and KWWL) announcements.

Apptegy will also allow a school administrator to record a short message to be delivered to an extensive or selective list of parents or teachers. School administrators may use Apptegy to send messages home to all parents in a building, all parents in a grade level, or special groups of parents.

  • Apptegy will deliver calls for school closings, emergencies, and weather delays.
  • School administrators will use this system to send out general announcements and notifications on an as needed basis.