Weekly Update

Click here to watch the video if you don't want to read the rest!  

*Make sure you read the Munson Memo sent via email
*On Thursday (4.30) we will be having a locker room clean out.  If you have any items in those lockers (locked up or otherwise), you will need to report to the back (staff) lot and come in through the exterior doors to retrieve your belongings.  This will take place from 1-4 that afternoon.  The only place we will be able to go is in the locker room and we will follow all of the social distancing guidelines.  
*Please reach out if you need anything at all
*Thank you for your continued work and support
*SENIORS-we will have another zoom this week to keep you in the loop regarding the week of May 11th and what to expect as we close things out.  Look for a separate email with the ZOOM link.  
*Try to stay on top of what needs to be completed for your courses....don't wait until the last minute.  :)  

Finally, continue to be kind to your family members!  Spending a ton of time with each other is not always easy.  Give grace when it's needed, and speak the truth in the most respectful way you can.  

Enjoy the week, Mr. Wigle