LV Feature Teacher

Lakeview Feature Teacher: Sara Pflughaupt 

Mrs. Sara Pflughaupt is our amazing K-12 teacher librarian. Before the end of the school year, she collaborated with the building instructional coach and a second grade teacher on a coding project using the Hummingbird robotics kits!

In order to get incoming 2A students excited for Step Up day and share some information about 2nd Grade, Mrs. Pflughaupt showed them how to create levers to open/flip up doors using cardboard, coding, and the hummingbirds in order to share fun facts about second grade! The three educators facilitated conversations around problem solving, teamwork, and flexible thinking as students worked together to create these cranks. Mrs. Pflughaupt guided the students through the appropriate coding needed for their levers to work, incorporating STEM and 21st Century Skills as well as critical thinking and collaboration skills! 

Mrs. Pflughaupt is so collaborative and innovative, and is a wealth of knowledge! She creates projects that engage students deeply and get them excited to learn and share their thinking! 

We are so glad to have Mrs. Pflughaupt in our building!