LV Feature Teachers

Lakeview Feature Teachers: 2nd Grade Team

Sam Milder, Jan Johnson, Wendy Wheeler, Kari Mai, and Scott Bogard make up the incredible Lakeview 2nd grade team!  

Before the end of the school year, the second grade team collaborated around phonics and word study instruction! They discussed utilizing the QPS to screen students for phonics gaps, which would then drive instruction using FPC Phonics and Word Study materials responsively. 

They also were in the process of identifying how their priority standards align with the PWS lessons across the Nine Areas of Learning, which will be helpful when considering a scope and sequence for next school year that is both systematic and responsive to student data, with priority standards being spiraled throughout the year. 

The 2nd Grade team is a highly collaborative, passionate group of educators who take risks, learn from one another, and share new and innovative ideas with one another.

Like all our teams at Lakeview, they are truly amazing at what they do!