Feature Teacher

Lakeview Feature Teacher: Stephanie Reiter

Mrs. Stephanie Reiter is a 1st grade teacher at Lakeview. Mrs. Reiter has been collaborating with the building instructional coach with establishing book clubs in the classroom. She and the instructional coach recently met to co-plan a rollout of book club Reading Mini Lessons, and plan for the co-teaching and facilitation of the different book clubs going in her class.  The co-teaching is a great opportunity to help ensure each of the four book clubs are having strong conversations around the texts their reading, and utilizing the skills taught in the mini lessons.   Mrs. Reiter is also getting ready to work on some math collaboration soon! 

Mrs. Reiter is flexible, tries new things, asks great questions, and doesn't shy away from a challenge. She's kind and caring with students and staff. We are so very lucky to have her here!