LV Feature Teacher

Lakeview Feature Teacher: Betsy Brown

Readers at every level can struggle with fluency. Mrs. Betsy Brown, 2nd grade teacher,  reached out to the building instructional coach to learn more about Rasinski’s phrasing cues in order to help her students with fluency goals,  and provide them with an opportunity for strong phrasing instruction following a gradual release model. Mrs. Brown’s phrasing cues allow students to see chunked phrases to “read it all together so it sounds like talking,” which will also help them with pausing and increase their rate. She utilized the 6 Dimensions of Fluency work in her planning, and is excited to see how her students grow from her dedication to this practice. 

Thank you Mrs. Brown for being dedicated and open to trying out something new. Thank you for being willing to give your students what they need to help them grow as readers!