LV Feature Teacher

Lakeview Feature Teacher: Kris Elijah 

Typically we feature someone working on a coaching project with the building instructional coach, but there’s no way we can go the whole year without a shoutout to Mrs. Kris Elijah, Lakeview/SIS school nurse! Mrs. Elijah is not only the best school nurse we could ever ask for, but she truly is a teacher as well.  At Intervention Team, she always brings amazing ideas and questions around not only health, but student growth and behavior. She’s incredibly thoughtful and makes strong connections with students. Numerous times she can be seen working with students on individualized plans, helping ease anxiety and ensure students are comfortable and safe in school. This is on TOP of dealing with a global pandemic and what that means for mitigation in an elementary school! We are constantly in awe of how much Mrs. Elijah does for staff and students in a day. She remains calm and collected in chaotic situations, putting adults and students at ease. We truly don’t know how we could survive this year without her! 

Mrs. Elijah, we are so grateful for you, and you deserve to be featured!