LV Feature Teacher

Lakeview Feature Teacher: Lauren Suminski

Ms. Lauren Suminski is one of Lakeview's 1st grade teachers. She is student centered and data driven. During conference week, Ms. Suminski still sought out learning opportunities to further support her students! She and building instructional coach had a triad meeting with one of her students’ Special Ed teachers to discuss transfer of skills and literacy instruction between the two classroom settings. Ms. Suminski, being the flexible and open-minded educator she is, went and observed in the special education room and brought practices back to her own room! She and building instructional coach also met about implementing Phrasing Cues into fluency instruction for a group that has specific goals around rate and phrasing! Ms. Suminski is up for anything, collaborative, and a life-long learner!  

We are so lucky that she is here at Lakeview!