Lakeview Feature Teacher

Lakeview Feature Teacher: Joyce Cook 

3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Joyce Cook does whatever it takes for her students, whether they are academically high or low. She is often thinking about how to extend and enrich work for our high achievers, while also providing the necessary supports for those who are struggling. Mrs. Cook, recently met with a reading interventionist and instructional coach to discuss one of her students and their writing intervention. Together they looked at student writing samples across the LC Learning Progressions to identify areas of strength and areas of growth, and compare data since the intervention began. This allowed them to see what grade levels the student aligns with for each individual row of the writing rubric, giving them an idea of his next developmental steps. Mrs. Cook has attended a number of intervention team meetings and followed up with individualized instructional practices and collaboration around data. She knows her students extremely well and can speak on how they operate as thinkers and learners, providing helpful insights when discussing next steps. Mrs. Cook is thoughtful, caring, and an advocate for her students.