Hard Surface Only Routes

In establishing Hard Surface Roads Only routes, the district has designed pick-up points along the safer hard surface roads where parents can meet the buses. Specific times for pick-up at specific locations have been identified, and while buses may arrive early at some of these locations, they will not leave before the designated time.

Please note that if the SCSD does run Hard Surface Roads Only routes in the morning, we will run the same routes in the afternoon. Drivers are instructed not to drop off students who have a distance to walk unless there is a family designated adult to pick them up. The buses will stay at the drop off location until the designated time, then proceed on with the student remaining safely on the bus.

Bus #1
Bus #2
Bus #3
Bus #4
Bus #6
Bus #9
Bus #10
Bus #12
Bus #14

For more information, please contact:

Dave Johnson
Transportation Coordinator
(319) 624-3401 x1328