Human Resources

Solon is recognized as a quality school district providing a strong education for our students and encouraging continued professional growth of our teachers and staff. As a part of our personnel program, we are seeking creative, enthusiastic, and motivated educators and support staff that believe all children will succeed. As a growing district, Solon offers a competitive wage and benefit package ranking among the top of the WAMAC Conference while providing an attractive location between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. With an abundant lake recreation area, a progressive educational environment, and strong community support for our schools, we believe you will find Solon to be a community supporting your career goals.


To view or apply for any open positions including substitute teacher or associate positions, please visit the district's Teach Iowa Job Board.

All applications remain active for one year from submission. If your e-mail address changes, you must update it in the online application system or you will not receive status notifications.

Please contact Kris Wentzein at (319) 624-3401 x1349 or kwentzien@solon.k12.ia.us if you have any questions or need assistance with applications.

Substitute Teaching Applicants

Once we have received your application for substitute teaching/associate and been approved, we will send you information regarding the AESOP system to assist you in locating sub jobs in our school district. Once we receive your substitute information, we will email or send out your AESOP letter.

If you have any questions about subbing in our district, please contact Kris Wentzien at (319) 624-3401 x1349 or kwentzien@solon.k12.ia.us.

The Solon Community School District is an Equal Employment Opportunity (Affirmative Action) employer.