The Solon Community School District administers a variety of assessment practices to evaluate student progress and achievement of academic standards in preschool through twelfth grade. These assessment practices include the following types of assessment and the purpose for each.

Assessment Type & PurposeDistrict Tool
Formative: used to inform instruction and provide feedback to studentsDaily Lesson Assignments
Ticket Out the Door
On Demand Writing Assessment
Reading Records
Summative: used for overall attainment of learning objectives at the end of a unit, quarter, or semesterQuarter Finals
Semester Finals
End of Unit Assessment
On Demand Writing Assessment
Screener: used to identify where students are according to a standard or benchmark and who may need additional supportFAST Reading Assessment (K-3)
Benchmark Assessment
DESSA SEL Screener
ESGI (Kindergarten)
NWEA: MAP (6-8)
CogAT (3)
Progress Monitoring: used to track progress ongoing for students supported by supplemental interventionMath Probes
Reading Records

Standardized Assessments: used to evaluate the instructional system and learning occurring across that systemIowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP)

The school district has identified an Assessment Calendar to communicate the dates, assessment, and grades involved. This calendar is updated regularly to insure accuracy. Communication with parents regarding these assessments is provided as appropriate.