Annual Registration & Forms

E-Registration is multiple step process. To begin this process, login to PowerSchool and look for "E-Registration" along the left.

Parents will be taken through nine steps to complete the following updates:

  1. Student Demographics: Student address, phone numbers, etc.
  2. Home Language Survey: Language information required by the state to be gathered from every student
  3. Guardian: Parent address, phone numbers, employer, etc.
  4. Emergency Contacts: Name, relationship, contact phone numbers, etc.
  5. Health: Medications and health concerns
  6. Permissions: Parents grant or deny permission for their student school activities
  7. Fees: School fees or lunch accounts are electronically paid here
  8. Forms: Access to specific district forms
  9. Finish

For further assistance, please view the E-Registration Parent Guide.

For further assistance with online payments, please view the RevTrak Payment Instructions.

For general questions about the updating process or about E-Registration, please contact:

Kris Wentzein
(319) 624-3401 x 1349