Quarantine vs. Isolation: What's the Difference?

Monday, November 23, 2020

We have received several questions regarding what happens when we receive notification of a positive case. The following provides a review of this process.

1. You should receive an email stating there was a positive case in the classroom. At this time, the nurses begin an investigation into the close contacts and other details surrounding this case.

2. If your son/daughter needs to quarantine, you will be called by a nurse. This means both parties were within 6 ft for a minimum of 15 minutes without masks being worn consistently or correctly.

3. If you don’t receive a phone call from a nurse indicating the need to quarantine, you may receive notification (phone call or email) that he/she was a  close contact but does not need to quarantine since masks were worn in the classroom. 

4. If your son/daughter is not a close contact to the positive case, you will receive a final email communication indicating the investigation is complete.

We understand the communication can be confusing at times.  Johnson County Public Health follows up on each positive case. Due to the number of cases and possible contacts, they may not be aware of a subsequent exposure at the time they are making the call. This means that while your child may not be quarantined from one exposure, they may be from another. Please feel free to ask them questions about the case they are calling you about. When did the exposure take place? Did both individuals wear masks during the exposure? This does not change any information as previously communicated by the school nurses.

Please see the attached document “Quarantine vs. Isolation.”  This will help explain the scenarios we talk through when your family is affected by COVID-19. LINK:  -Quarantine vs. Isolation-

We are happy to help you navigate through this process. Please reach out to either of us with questions.

Thank you,

 Kris Elijah and Amy Link

Solon Community School District Nurses