Solon News

July 17, 2020


We are very excited about releasing the Return to Learn Plan, developed by 38 Solon staff, on Monday, July 20th and have scheduled a community webinar for Wednesday, July 22nd at noon.  A link will be sent to your email address listed in PowerSchool.  We will explain the plan and answer as many questions as possible during the limited time.  We will also follow up with communication addressing questions we did and/or did not answer during the webinar. 

Returning students to the classroom is very important and we are taking great measures within the limitations of space and other factors to ensure a safe environment for all students and staff.  We greatly value a parent’s responsibility and want to offer every family a choice with learning options this school year.

The Return to Learn Plan offers students 2 choices:

1.     Onsite Learning

Students will return to school on Monday, August 24th for onsite learning.  Daily schedules, classroom structures, and routines will be altered to promote social distancing and mitigation strategies to the extent possible.  Curriculum, instruction and assessment will be altered to address students’ learning gaps and needs due to the extended break from school.

2.     Virtual Home Learning

The Solon School District will offer virtual home learning for those families with students who may have vulnerable health conditions or other concerns related to returning to onsite learning.  Students in grades K-8 will be provided a virtual school through Edmentum; grades 9-12 can attend online courses through Apex Learning.  Families who are interested in this option will complete a request form after registering for the 2020-21 school year.

The Return to Learn Plan provides additional details on many topics including: mitigation, routines, self-monitoring and actions related to a symptomatic or positive test individual.  Please remember that Federal Law restricts the school district from releasing the names of any student or staff for related reasons.  With each individual case, the district will contact Johnson County Public Health Department and provide them with the information we have obtained or have been provided.  Johnson County Public Health will direct the district on how to proceed, which the district will follow with fidelity. 

Face Masks & Shields

An effective mitigation strategy is the use of facial coverings. Students and staff will be strongly encouraged to wear face coverings as feasible when social distancing or when other mitigation variables are hindered.  We believe our approach of, 1) encouraging the use of face coverings, and 2) teaching students the ‘why’ face coverings are important to wear at times throughout the day, will actually exceed face covering participation and proper use beyond districts that take a different approach.  We believe our approach will increase use, reduce confrontation and strengthen student to student and student to staff relationships.

It will not be necessary for students or adults to wear a mask throughout the entire day.  However, we will strongly encourage the use of masks during periodic times of the day when social distancing or other variables may be compromised.  The district will provide face coverings for students and staff, but students and staff may choose to use their own.