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Solon Middle School - Academic Programs - Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade Teachers

  • Mrs. Protheroe (Social Studies)
  • Mr. Robertson (Science)
  • Mr. Thompson (Learning Center)
  • Mr. Turner (Math)
  • Mrs. Velasquez (Language Arts)

Language Arts 7

Language Arts 7 is an integrated approach to the many areas of the subject: literature, writing, reading, discussion, and drama. The course is built upon thematic units, which include:

  • Defining Moments: The Pigman/Touching Spirit Bear
  • Animal Friends: The Red Pony/Love That Dog
  • Sports: The Contender
  • Neighbors & Gardens: Seedfolks
  • The Tang (China) Landscape
  • Developing Character Voice
  • King Arthur/Merlin
  • Hearing African Voices
  • Japan: Edo & Beyond
  • Respect & Acceptance: Tangerine
  • Family & Friends: The Outsiders
  • What is a Hero?

In addition, students will read several self-selected books and complete independent and/or group book projects. Novels read aloud to students are utilized to develop critical listening skills and to enhance interpretation and analysis skills.

When possible, language arts and social studies teachers collaborate; some of the language arts units expand upon themes related to world culture.

Grammar units include:

  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Pronouns
  • Prepositions, Conjunctions & Interjections
  • Subjects, Verbs & Sentences
  • Subject - Verb Agreement
  • Word study: Spelling, Vocabulary, Etymology, Morphology
  • Supplemental units as needed

Transition Mathematics

This course is designed to be taken the year prior to Algebra 1. Its content and questions have been carefully sequenced to provide a smooth path from arithmetic to algebra, and from the visual world to geometry. Reading, problem solving, algebraic vocabulary, and properties are emphasized. Scientific calculators are required. To be successful in this class, the student’s background should be firm in decimals, fractions, operations, and basic geometry. Personal responsibility and good study habits are expected. Grades are based on a percentage of possible points on assignments, quizzes, and tests. Students must maintain a passing grade or have the consent of the instructor to remain in class.

Algebra 1

This is a first course in the college preparatory math program. Algebra is the basic language of mathematics. The student should be proficient in arithmetic skills. The materials weave statistics, probability, geometry, and applications throughout the algebra content.

Students should expect assignments daily. Tests will be taken every chapter along with periodic comprehensive exams and quizzes. Every student will be required to have a scientific calculator. Grades are based on notebooks, homework assignments, quizzes, and tests. Students must maintain a passing grade or have the consent of the instructor to advance to Geometry.

Social Studies 7

Social Studies 7 begins with a study of European geography. Then we'll briefly explore the Roman Empire, focusing on Judaism and Christianity and on Roman contributions to modern society. From there we'll delve into the European Middle Ages, where we'll spend the remainder of first semester. After that, we'll leave Western Europe behind, traveling east to Byzantium (present-day Istanbul) and Japan. In both of these regions, we'll begin with studies of religion and geography. In terms of history and culture, our focus will be on the medieval period (and a little beyond), but we'll incorporate contemporary issues too. If time allows, we'll do a "religion wrap-up," in which students will conduct research to compare several elements of five world religions.

The textbook Medieval World & Beyond will provide a foundation for this course. In addition, there will be many times that we'll delve further and deeper into selected topics, usually focusing on key people and events, art and architecture, and religion. Students will be evaluated on tests, quizzes, and projects. 

Science 7

The course begins looking at science as a process of inquiry. Students learn to ask scientific questions, make predictions, and then construct a testing method to evaluate their predictions. Emphasis is placed on how to correctly use scientific tools to collect data as well as how to correctly display data using data tables and graphs. The inquiry process is then applied to physical science concepts of motion, energy, and the nature of matter using two FOSS science kits:  Force and Motion and Chemical Interactions.

Seventh graders will be doing a Personal Investigation in which they choose their own topic, perform their own investigation, and draw their own conclusions. They will prepare a presentation for the class, and will also be given the option of presenting at the Middle School Science Fair.

Solon Middle School
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